Poem based on Camus’ The Stranger

This poem I wrote is a summary of the events in Albert Camus’ absurdist fiction novel, The Stranger, written in the point of view of the main character, Meursault.

So today my Maman died
But cry, I did not even try
Because it did not really matter
We all die, one way or another

So today my boss had asked
”Work in Paris?” I answered fast
“No, it does not really matter”
One life is as good as another

So today Marie proposed
To marry her, I did not oppose
I think it would not really matter
Even though I do not love her

So today I killed a man
To shoot or not shoot, I know I can
I did not think that it would matter
If the day’s harmony, I shatter

So today I am in trial
”Odd behavior makes him hostile
For he did not mourn his mother—
He’s a murderer. He’s a monster!”

So today I will be dead
Grant this wish I have unsaid:
A crowd of viewers, I’ll await
Have them greet me with cries of hate


What do you think? :)

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