On Free Will

If man is stripped of all that he has, one thing that is almost always certain to remain with him is his free will. From the day man was created, he has been gifted–or condemned–to think freely for himself. Man can choose to live his life however he wants to, and in doing so, he will have to reap its rewards–or face its consequences–whether he wants to or not. Individual freedom of consciousness is humanity’s gift–as well as its curse, since with it comes the responsibility to shape one’s own life. With the power to determine what to do with one’s life, surely one’s freedom can never be constrained, right? The belief that freedom is just an illusion may be overstated, yet it cannot be denied that constantly, man is restrained by his environment, by his society’s expectations and rules, and at times, even by his own self. That man has free will and a limited freedom may be a paradox, but it is a reality.

The mere fact that man has to be responsible for his own life shows how this is so.


What do you think? :)

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