Blank State of Mind

Blank State of Mind

Wake up into nothingness
Your mind an empty slate
Picture a screen that’s colorless –
a black/white palette

No knowledge of what’s right or wrong
No conscience to be heard
No guilty feeling to go along
immorality undettered

You see, you hear, yet fathom, nought
The world around you blear
Yet I, I see it very clear
Its fraught with chaos, dear

O Newborn, would you be so kind
To grant me an exchange?
O, give me your Blank State of Mind
For this world’s made me deranged!


Epitome of Bullshit

Let’s skip the first few parts –
the cheesy lines that weren’t smart,
discounted gifts right from the start –
’cause, honey, we’ve fallen apart

Yet still, you haunt me in my dreams
Oh yes, you make me want to scream
(No, not in bed, you were too selfish)
I can’t believe we thought of marriage!

Just like a poem without a rhyme
Loving you was just a crime
You are the Epitome of Bullshit
Breaking your promises lickety-split!


Chocolate Desire

You pull me in
with your beautiful smooth black skin.
Hard as an almond and
cool on the outside and
yet inside lurks an – OH! – a surprise!

Inside I learn of your warmth –
a texture of caramel stickiness.
A balance of milky sweetness
and peanut saltiness
so irresistible, I take all of you in.

But I’m always left wanting more always left feeling thirsty always left feeling hungry.

I should know better

But I always come back for more


“Snickers Satisfies” is nothing but a lie.